Thursday, August 24, 2006

Work it girlfriend!

My friend Kent and I just got back from lunch at Sisley. For those of you following this season of Project Runway, we had the perfect Kayne-lookalike as our waiter. Seriously, this guy was the most fabulous front of house employee ever to walk the pageant runway grace the restaurant industry. He had the hair. He had the swish. He even had the accent nailed. I can't help but wonder if he isn't a character actor doing a field experiment or something. Because I swear, he's Kayne's doppelganger.

My receipt actually says on it: "Hope you two don't work to(sic) hard and have A Beautiful Afternoon. =)" Really. I should scan it when I get home.

Thank you Joshua. You made my afternoon a little bit brighter and I hope you have A Beautiful Afternoon =) too.


Our department is going to be moving here at the Banzai Institute. I get to share an office not much bigger than my current cube with two guys. ::eyeroll:: Great, let's put someone who thinks for a living (developer, that's me) in a room with people who talk for a living (them, contract managers).

At least it's only for awhile, until they move us again...

Also, we're looking at townhomes this weekend, so wish us luck. One's in Ventura and one's in Oxnard, by the airport. It's something.


And seriously, Jeffrey? You're an ass. Not only are you an ass, but your dress sucked and you made your client cry. But thank god you weren't boring, right?

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Dayle A. Dermatis said...

A townhouse in Oxnard near the airport! You'll be about two miles from us! Whee!

[crosses fingers that you'll get it]