Sunday, November 12, 2006

Character names taken from spam.

Character names taken from spam:

Siddhartha Malkin ~
Clearly a character in God Crossing. Sid Malkin discovered enlightenment, but left it behind in a crosstown cab on his way to an off-Broadway production of Guys and Dolls.

Lowery Wilbert ~
Low, as his friends call him, is an ex-carnie who got his criminal law degree from Uncle Samael's Internet University. He now bills one cool gee an hour and has a side gig working as a consultant for CSI.

Minnie Cartwright ~
Clearly an aging Bonanza fangirl who had her name legally changed.

Fern Bassett ~
Retired porn actress, expert on Love and Money, now sells crystals, pyramids, holistic remedies and dime bags, all by phone. Call now for a Free Reading!

Josephine Holloway ~
If I ever publish erotica, this would be a perfect pen name.

Faustus Chaffin ~
If I ever publish gay erotica, this would be a perfect pen name.

Shahzad Villareal ~
Typical Angeleno.

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