Wednesday, June 13, 2007


posting via bberry. the freeway is a mass of hulking twisted smoking metal. they're evrywhere.

someone had crashed into the back of my car. i had to. i had to take her car. she...i couldn't do anything to help her.

i'm here at the tree. i just drove off the road and into the high brush. i called Wolf and he answered, thank gods, said he was delayed and to stay put. happy tears, laughter. he found a gunstore and helped himself. also, a landrover. that's our joke. if the apocalypse comes, i get a yellow landrover.

gods, i wonder if its yellow.

they're in the taco bell across the street. i can hear them. sounds like wet meat in a blender with a bad porno playing in the background.

flist, spare me some mojo. i know you're probably as bad off as me, but mojo grows as you share it.



T said...

Where are you? I'm in Minnesota and it's happening here too. I've got reports from Boston, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, Virginia and one in Australia, Canada, England, and other areas overseas - it's gone global.

cavalaxis said...

we're in LA.